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[c_iconbox style=”5″ item_width=”4_12″][c_iconbox_item id=”ct_custom_4861448878206″ icon=”fa fa-cube” title=”TWO-DAY SHIPPING” icon_color=”#d3d3d3″]There are portable and fixed air conditioners on the market and a range of factors need to be considered before your perfect match is found.[/c_iconbox_item][c_iconbox_item id=”ct_custom_8831448878206″ icon=”fa fa-smile-o” title=”30 DAYS MONEY BACK” icon_color=”#d3d3d3″]We can arrange for your alarm or system to be serviced regularly to make sure they continue you to keep you, your belongings and those around you safe.[/c_iconbox_item][c_iconbox_item id=”ct_custom_621448878206″ icon=”fa fa-globe” title=”WORLDWIDE SHIPPING” icon_color=”#d3d3d3″]We are open for breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea from 8am to 5pm and unlike any other cafe in the town, we are open 7 days per week.[/c_iconbox_item][/c_iconbox]
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[c_testimonials][c_testimonial name=”JOHN DOE” title=”CEO Apple Inc” avatar=”5369″ rate=”5″]BusinessHub is exactly what it gives. Provided by a friendly, helpful, and constructive team of people.[/c_testimonial][/c_testimonials]
[c_testimonials][c_testimonial name=”JOHN DOE” title=”CEO Apple Inc” avatar=”5372″ rate=”5″]We are 100% impressed. We trust this company implicitly and would not consider using anybody else now.[/c_testimonial][/c_testimonials]
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end of season sale


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Se vam zdi prodaja težka? Imate težave poklicati neznano osebo in ji ponuditi svojo storitev ali proizvod? Se morda ne znajdete v poplavi družabnih omrežij in ne veste, katerega izbrati ter kako ga najbolje izkoristiti? Bi želeli upravljati svojo spletno stran in razumeti vedenje obiskovalcev? Vse to in še več se boste naučili na delavnici »Naredi sam«: Z digitalnim marketingom in prodajo do večjega zaslužka. Naš namen je, da vas usposobimo za samostojno delo, da boste s čim manj finančnega vložka dosegali čim boljše rezultate. Praktična delavnica združuje področji digitalnega marketinga in prodaje B2B ter B2C – na primeru turizma. Pridruži se nam na delavnici »Naredi sam«: Z digitalnim marketingom in prodajo do večjega zaslužka.